On Thursday Republican Speaker Paul Ryan told Jake Tapper on CNN he was “not ready” to endorse Donald Trump yet.
ryan disses trump

Donald Trump won the GOP nomination on Tuesday after his landslide victory in Indiana.

Paul Ryan: Well, uh, to be perfectly candid with you, Jake, I’m just not ready to do that at this point. I’m not there right now. And, I hope to though. And I want to but I think that what is required is that we unify this party. And I think the bulk of the burden to unify the party will come from the presumptive nominee.

Then he went on to lecture Trump on being more Reaganesque.
Good grief!


On Friday night in Eugene, Oregon Donald Trump responded to Paul Ryan’s comments. The second Trump mentioned Paul Ryan by name the crowd erupted with loud “boos.”

Paul Ryan, (boo) I don’t know what happened. (boo) He called me two or three weeks ago and we had a very nice conversation. Congratulating me. This was before we had the ultimate victory. He congratulated me for doing so well. I thought routinely he’d be behind it. And, the other day he just did a big surprise. Because I had so many endorsements.

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