OUTRAGEOUS! Paul Ryan STILL Won’t Endorse Donald Trump- Says He’s Working Through ‘The Process’ (VIDEO)

Speaker Paul Ryan updated the press Saturday on “the process” he is working through before he can support Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump.

On May 4, 2016, Ryan told reporters he was not quite ready to endorse the Republican nominee after Trump secured the nomination on May 3rd when Ted Cruz dropped out of the race.

paul ryan media wisconsin

On Saturday, eleven days later, Ryan told the Wisconsin media he was still not ready to endorse Donald Trump.


As you know I had a long meeting with Donald Trump. I and the party leaders of the House had a long meeting with Donald Trump on Thursday. I thought it was a very productive meeting. It was the first meeting we’ve really had other than a phone call in March. So, we are beginning the process in what unity looks like in the Republican Party. As I said before, this takes some time. This isn’t done with a couple of meetings. Our teams are meeting next week to go over the deeper meaning of the policies we are talking about.

He’s working through “the process.”
If he’s waiting for someone else, it’s too late.

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