Outrageous. Albuquerque Police Dept. Won’t Call Vendor Back After Violent Protesters Torched His Trump T-Shirts

David Brown is the owner of The Political Mint in St. Louis, Missouri. The company has sold merchandise at over 600 presidential rallies since 1992 and over 100 Trump rallies. On Tuesday violent leftists stole his merchandise outside of the Donald Trump rally in Albuquerque, New Mexico and torched his T-shirts in the street.

David Brown went out on the internet and found who torched his merchandise.
Her name is Chelsea Rae Gray.
chelsea rae gray

There’s even video of Chelsea Rae Gray torching David Brown’s T-shirts.


Now David Brown wants justice.

Dave sent this in last week:

Hi! I am David Brown, my company is The Political Mint, we have sold campaign merchandise at more than 600 presidential campaign rallies since 1992 and 100+ Trump rallies since last August.

On Tuesday night, my employees were selling merch at the Trump rally in Albuquerque. My manager, Greg, called me panicked due to the violence at the rally. He told me that a couple protesters grabbed stacks of t-shirts from two tables and lit them on fire. Greg ran up to a couple police officers but they REFUSED to do anything.

I just happened to be reading a news article online and located the person who stole the t-shirts and burned them. Chelsea Rae Gray a.k.a. “Trashy Chelsea”, a self-styled celebrity, bragged to a reporter in an AP STORY that she perpetrated the crime.

I also found a photo of her burning one of my t-shirts on TWITTER:
chelsea gray

But Dave now says the Albuquerque Police Department refuses to return his calls.
Dave wrote us this update:

It’s been five days and we still have not received a return phone call from the Albuquerque PD in order to file a police report despite numerous phone calls. I called the Mayor’s liaison, the Chief of Police’s office, etc. etc. Nobody will do anything.

When my manager Greg asked police for help that night while they were burning the T-shirts right in front of them, the Hispanic police officers just laughed and refused to help. Outrageous.

Somebody needs to pick up this story if possible. I don’t know what else to do at this point but to sue Chelsea Rae Gray.

David needs assistance….

The Albuquerque Police Department phone number is (505) 768-2200
Or you can reach them on Twitter at @ABQPOLICE

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