Texas Realtor Reaches Out to #NeverTrumpers – She’ll Sell Your Home So You Can Move to Canada

Odessa, Texas realtor Michelle Blackwell is reaching out to the #NeverTrumper and Anti-Trumpers to help sell their home.

Michelle will sell your home so you can move to Canada.
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The sooner the better.
Chron.com reported:


Odessa realtor Michelle Blackwell’s latest ad reaches out to potential clients who plan to make good on their promise to leave the country if Donald Trump is elected president.

It’s a common threat every presidential election cycle, it seems, but it has really gained traction the past year since Trump made his presidential aspirations known.

Blackwell, who is with the Heritage Real Estate Group, features prominently in the web ad.

Hat Tip Katie

Here’s a few of the Hollywood elites who say they will move to Canada if Trump wins.
We can hope!
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