Obama’s Iraq Quagmire: Civilian Deaths Back Up to Pre-Surge Levels

In 2010 Vice President Joe Biden said Iraq was going to be one of the Obama administration’s great accomplishments.

“I’m very optimistic about Iraq and it’s going to be one of the great achievements of this administration.”

Biden was able to make these comments after the Bush surge resulted in enormous reduction in violence, an increase in GDP, peak oil production, increased electricity rates, a free press and democratic elections.

But that all changed after Barack Obama withdrew US troops from Iraq in 2011.


Since then, ISIS took over one-third of the country and initiated a genocide of Iraqi Shiites, Christians and Yazidis. Violence is up to pre-surge levels. And ISIS continues to target Baghdad killing over 100 innocents in recent days.

Thanks to Obama civilian deaths are now back up to pre-surge levels.
iraq body count
According to Iraq Body Count, deaths in Iraq dropped below 1000 per month after the Bush surge in 2008. Today deaths are back up over 1000 per month and climbing.

So when will the liberal media blame Obama for the bloody quagmire in Iraq?

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