Celebrity Obama Tells Trump The Presidency Isn’t A REALITY SHOW

Obama-Selfie PT

President Selfie-Stick has a message for Republican Donald Trump. Holding the highest office in the world isn’t a reality show. Those words are pretty funny coming from Obama.

Reuters reported:

‘This is not a reality show,’ Obama tells Trump

U.S. President Barack Obama warned on Friday that occupying the Oval Office “is not a reality show,” in a swipe at outspoken Republican candidate Donald Trump who is vying to replace him in the White House.

Fighting with Obama is a battle Trump would likely relish as he tries to rally support within his own party. During hard-fought Republican primary campaigns, the billionaire delighted in responding to attacks from rivals and found that his support grew when he lashed out at his opponents.

Asked about Trump at a media briefing in the White House, Obama called on the press and public to weigh past statements by the Republican but did not point to any specific issues or remarks.

“This is not entertainment,” Obama said, a reference to Trump’s television background. “This is not a reality show. This is a contest for the presidency of the United States,” he said.

Like everything else with Obama, he excludes himself from his own criticism.

Here’s Obama on a comedy show:

Here’s Obama on a reality show:

Here’s Obama with a YouTube personality:

Tell us more about how seriously you take your office, Obama.

What a joke.

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