Obama To Spend One Billion Dollars On His Own PRESIDENTIAL LIBRARY

Obama Smile PT

By now, we all know President Obama holds himself in extremely high regard and his presidential library will be the physical expression of that adoration.

The Weekly Standard reports:

Obama To Spend $1 Billion On Monument To Himself

It was recently announced that President Obama plans to raise $1 billion to build his presidential library in Chicago. By any standard, that’s an eye-popping figure. It’s nearly as much as Obama spent on his 2012 campaign for president.

In the Chicago Tribune, Dan McGinn has a column that’s well worth your time. It puts the $1 billion figure in historical perspective:

In the last 60 years, the cost of building and maintaining presidential libraries has accelerated and expanded in ways that Roosevelt and Truman never imagined. Lyndon Johnson’s library cost 10 times as much as Truman’s. Ronald Reagan’s was triple the cost of Johnson’s. George H.W. Bush doubled the Reagan budget. Bill Clinton then doubled Bush.

George W. Bush raised $500 million to build and endow his shrine. And now Obama is set to double that mark. So, in a span of about 60 years, the price of a presidential library has gone from less than $2 million to $1 billion and counting.

The last eight years sure have been great for Obama.

Everyone else? Not so much.


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