New Poll Finds Most Native Americans Don’t Care ABOUT WASHINGTON REDSKINS NAME

Washington Redskins

It turns out the people who are most offended by the name of the Washington Redskins is stupid social justice warriors, not Native Americans.

The Washington Post conducted a poll and a massive majority of Native Americans said the name didn’t bother them at all.

Breitbart reports:


New Poll Finds Few Native Americans Upset Over ‘Redskins’ Name

A new Washington Post poll finds that fully nine in ten Native Americans do not take offense at the name of the Washington Redskins football team.

The editorial page of the newspaper commissioning the survey forbids the use of the term, claiming “the team name unquestionably offends not only many Native Americans but many other Americans, too.” The Kansas City Star, Seattle Times, and other outlet prohibit use of the name on similar grounds. The new poll suggests that journalists misunderstand Native Americans.

The NFL and the Redskins have been under siege for several years as activists have sought to force the team to abandon its “offensive” moniker. But this new poll shows how few people of Native American heritage really care much about the whole controversy.

The survey of 504 Native Americans found the result fairly consistent across all age groups, income brackets, and sexes. In the end, few were bothered by the name and less than a quarter thought the word was disrespectful.

The poll conducted over a five-month period asked respondents who identified as having Native American heritage the following:”The professional football team in Washington calls itself the Washington Redskins. As a Native American, do you find that name offensive, or doesn’t it bother you?”

With that question in mind, a whopping 90 percent said it did not bother them.

It looks like this is just another fake controversy drummed up by liberals, many of whom probably don’t even watch football.

Is anyone surprised?

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