A New Low? #NeverTrumper Slams ‘Flat-Chested’ Trump Supporter Who Had Double Mastectomy

Obviously, not all of the Cruz supporters are eager to hitch a ride on the Trump Train.
Blaze TV host Dana Loesch, a former Tea Party leader, blasted ‘flat-chested’ CNN contributor commentator Kayleigh McEnany for her strong support for Donald Trump.

CNN commentator Kayleigh McEnany

Dana didn’t realize ‘flat-chested’ McEnany had a preventative double mastectomy.
Oh boy.


Dana is not backing down.
She should.
The Washington Times reported:

Conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch isn’t backing down after she ripped CNN commentator Kayleigh McEnany, a Donald Trump supporter, as “flat-chested.”

Ms. Loesch took issue with Ms. McEnany’s recent assertion that Republicans who don’t get behind the party’s presumptive nominee aren’t true conservatives.

“Babycakes,” Ms. Loesch said on her radio show Monday, “this [election is] more than going on television and flashing them pearly whites and your flat-chested, red-dressed, over-sprayed bleach blonde hair, while you sit here and you preach all this stuff about who is and isn’t a conservative.”

What Ms. Loesch didn’t know is that her rival underwent a preventative double mastectomy several years ago after learning she was BRCA1 positive and genetically predisposed for breast cancer, The Daily Caller reported.

Ms. Loesch, who has “watched every woman” in her family die from cancer, said she purposely used rhetoric similar to Mr. Trump’s in order to make a point.

“Her statement was asinine and my observation, delivered in the stated style of Donald Trump, was absolutely valid,” Ms. Loesch wrote in her blog Wednesday. “That I chose this rhetorical device (I even predicted the outrage and literally mocked it mid-monologue in the video) served the purpose of highlighting the hypocrisy of these most fervent supporters, and they didn’t disappoint with their hypocritical reaction.

For the record — I tried reaching out to my friend Dana Loesch for comment but she blocked me on Twitter.

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