NBC Nightly News Shows ‘Hillary for Prison’ Sign in Report on Trump’s Rolling Thunder Speech

NBC Nightly News on Sunday showed and–lingered on–a ‘Hillary for Prison 2016’ mock campaign sign being held aloft alongside a Trump ‘Make America Great Again’ sign by someone in the crowd during a report on the appearance at the Rolling Thunder rally by presumptive Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump earlier in the day. Trump’s rival, leading Democratic party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton did not appear at the annual veterans-led motorcycle rally which is held at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. to remember prisoners of war and service members missing in action.

hillary prison

NBC did not just flash the image of the Hillary for Prison sign. The visual was broadcast for three seconds–an eternity in today’s visual media–giving viewers ample time to absorb the message.

What is striking is that usually such imagery is reserved for use against Republicans–not Democrats. But Clinton is reeling from the report released this past week by the State Department Inspector General that undermined Clinton’s claims regarding the email scandal from her tenure as Secretary of State.


Perhaps the editing of the Nightly News report to include the lingering visual of the ‘Hillary for Prison’ sign was presaged by a much talked about Morning Joe segment on the IG report on May 26 that MSNBC promoted on YouTube with the headline: Mika: It Feels Like Hillary Clinton Is Lying Straight Out

During the segment Meet the Press host Chuck Todd commented that Clinton would not be able to be confirmed as Attorney General because of the the IG report.

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