MUST SEE VIDEO=> Sarah Palin RIPS Obama for Disgraceful Apology at Hiroshima on Memorial Day Weekend

Thank God for Sarah Palin.
Is there anyone who has done more to shine a light on Barack Obama’s naive and evil anti-American beliefs?

Sarah Palin was a prominent leader of the Tea Party movement.
And today she is a leader of the Trump revolution.
palin trump train

Friday in San Diego Sarah Palin ripped the Boy-Wonder for his pathetic apology tour speech in Hiroshima.
Once again Sarah Palin nails it.

I want a president who inherently knows it weakens us showing up, Memorial Day weekend even! No! Instead of showing up somewhere to promise, hey when you mess with the innocent, you pick a fight with America, you steal our security, you spit on our freedoms, we’ll put a boot in your ass. IT’s the American way!

Sarah is not the only one who was appalled with Obama’s apology in Hiroshima.

January can not get here soon enough.

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