MSNBC Praises Violent Anti-Trump Protesters Starting Fires, Assaulting Cops, Attacking Police Horses

Last night in Albuquerque New Mexico, anti-Trump protesters threw rocks, smashed doors on the convention center, jumping on cop cars and set Trump flags on fire.

police horse knocked down
They knocked down a police horse.

us flag
The protesters torched a US flag.

trump protest cop car
They stomped on police cars.

MSNBC praised the violent leftists.

JAMIL SMITH: I see a lot of people expressing their humanity in the face of a candidate who’s really built his candidacy on denouncing their humanity. Yeah, there are a few people out there not actually out there to protest but at the end of the day, they accomplished their goal, got on TV and they got their issues aired.

CHRIS MATTHEWS: I thought the three people we heard from were great.

JOAN WALSH: They were. They have grievances. It’s not like it’s mindless or they just want violence. They’re speaking out against someone who’s really attacking their community.

Democrats ALWAYS excuse and-or praise violent leftists.
They’re no better than the savage communists.

Via Newsbusters:

Maybe Trump supporters should hold a similar protest outside the MSNBC Headquarters?

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