Morning Joe Panel LAUGHS UNCONTROLLABLY After Watching Trump Supporter Destroy Lyin’ Ted (VIDEO)

The panel on Morning Joe laughed uncontrollably after Ted Cruz had a run-in with Trump supporter Shane Auler in Indiana.

cruz lying ted

On Monday Trump supporters protested Ted Cruz outside an event in Indiana.
The Trump supporters were standing across the street from Ted chanting when Ted decided to go talk with them.
Big mistake!

The protesters called Cruz “Lying Ted” to his face – over and over again.

The protesters went on to tell Ted, “It’s time to drop out!”

The protester took advantage of Ted’s many mid-sentence Shakespearean pauses – scoring hit after hit.
This exchange was hilarious:

Ted Cruz: Sir, America is a better country…

Protester: Without you.

Ted Cruz: Thank you for those kind sentiments. Let me point out I’ve treated you respectfully the entire time. And a question everyone here should ask…

Protester: Are you Canadian?

Oh my gosh.
What a disaster.

scarborogh laughing

On Tuesday Joe Scarborough laughed uncontrollably after playing part of the exchange on Morning Joe.

Are you Canadian?… Oh my God, are you Canadian!… Who was that guy? He’s got great timing!… That’s the problem when you have the Shakespearean pauses or the Pinter pauses, you leave room… “

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