Megyn Kelly’s Husband Talks About Difficulty Watching His Wife’s Feud With Trump (VIDEO)

Author Douglas Brunt, husband of Megyn Kelly, told Outnumbered today how difficult this past year has been after his wife’s famous confrontation with Donald Trump last fall. Kelly went after the GOP frontrunner in the first debate like a tabloid journalist with cherry-picked statements from his multi-decade public career.

That did not go over well with conservatives. 66,000 Trump supporters signed a petition asking FOX to remove Kelly from future debates.

brunt megyn kelly

Since then Trump has attacked her several times on Twitter and Kelly has aired an anti-Trump show for months.


We were in the bunker for nine months, in a way. She’s incredible. I should not be surprised at how well she handles these things. But it really is an incredible thing. And through this whole campaign season, Trump has been masterful at knocking people off balance… He knocked everybody off balance except her. Not Meg.

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