Liberals Now Demanding Google Shouldn’t Cover THE 2016 REPUBLICAN CONVENTION

Google and White House

Liberal activists want Google to boycott the Republican National Convention this summer which makes perfect sense because leftists know they can win by censoring free speech and ideas.

They might have a shot too because Google has had a curiously high number of meetings with the Obama White House.

The PA Pundits blog reports:


Liberals Demand Google Refuse To Cover Republican Convention In July

Despite the fact that Google — a multinational technology company that specializes in Internet-related services and products — has announced it will serve as the official livestream provider during this year’s Republican convention, liberal groups and civil rights advocates have called on the technology giant to sever any connection to the event, which will be held July 18-21 in Cleveland, Ohio.

According to an article by Tony Romm, senior technology reporter for the Politico website, the company’s “mere presence at the GOP convention is sure to spark new opposition from liberal groups and civil rights advocates” due to Republican front-runner “Donald Trump’s incendiary rhetoric.”

“Google has confirmed it will play a formal role at the 2016 Republican convention — despite pressure from critics who want the tech giant to withdraw” in protest of Trump’s controversial remarks about women, immigrants and minorities,” Romm noted.

A company representative told Politico on Thursday that it will be “offering election trends, convention videos, virtual reality tools and other data to attendees and viewers,” he indicated.

Google “provided similar services at the Democratic and Republican conventions in 2012,” the reporter stated, “and for both parties’ presidential debates earlier this year.”

Of course, “Google hasn’t taken a position on any of the candidates,” but Romm noted that liberal organizations “have already been pushing the company — and others, like Microsoft and Xerox — to pull out in opposition to Trump.”

Progressives claim to hate big corporations but they’re not afraid to use them to their political advantage.

Isn’t that funny?

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