Liberal Talk Radio Host Warns Democrats That DONALD TRUMP CAN WIN (VIDEO)

Farron Cousins

Farron Cousins of the liberal Ring of Fire talk radio group has a message for Democrats that they probably don’t want to hear. Cousins believes Trump can win, especially if Democrats stupidly dismiss him.

He compares Trump to Reagan and suggests 2016 is already playing out like the 1980 election. He also mentions that he’s from Florida and that he has seen only one Hillary bumper sticker but sees Trump signs everywhere.

From the Ring of Fire website:

Hillary Clinton Is Not The Right Candidate to Face Donald Trump

It seems like a Clinton VS. Trump ticket is inching closer and closer to reality for November, and that is a disastrous scenario for Democrats. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses why.

The video below is 10 minutes long but very interesting.


Don’t you love this type of panic from the left?