Liberal Blog Lists Reasons Why Bernie Sanders WOULD LOSE IN ALL 50 STATES

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More and more liberals are turning on Bernie Sanders now that they see him as a threat to Hillary’s ability to win the general election.

Cannonfire is a far left blog but they’ve actually assembled a pretty good list of reasons why Bernie Sanders would lose the general election in all 50 states.

Take a look:

50 reasons why Sanders would lose all 50 states

Although the Bernie thugs can’t bring themselves to admit it, their Dear Leader is the primary reason why Trump is now running ahead of Clinton in the polls. Their vile, incessant and utterly deceptive anti-Clinton propaganda campaign was designed to transform the most admired woman in America into a pariah.

Would Bernie do better against Trump? His cultists say so, but the idea is laughable. Polls are kind to him now only because the media — mainstream, rightstream and leftstream — has, until very recently, declared him beyond criticism.

In this essay, I will prove that the media has always favored Bernie. It’s a dog-that-didn’t-bark kind of proof: The media’s bias is proven by their refusal to discuss these 50 truths about Sanders.

Only on a small-but-fearless blog like this one may we list the 50 reasons why candidate Bernie would suffer a 50-state loss. At the risk of being labeled a paid shill for Hillary (even though I can’t even afford to buy my dog’s insulin), I shall reveal the sins that make Dear Leader unelectable.

1. Big government. According to consistent Gallup polls, some 69 percent of the country thinks that Big Government is America’s top problem, while 25 percent sees Big Business as the biggest problem. The entire Sanders campaign consists of assaults on big business — and no-one can call him a proponent of small government. Such a candidate cannot win.

2. Socialism. The word “socialist” is an insurmountable general-election turnoff. It doesn’t matter how you view the word or howI view the word; in an election, the only thing that matters is how the general public feels. Pew tells us that 59% of the public views “socialism” negatively, while just 29% views the word positively. Gallup reveals that Americans are much more disposed to elect a gay, Muslim or atheist candidate, as opposed to a socialist. That one word destroys Bernie’s chances.

Sanders belongs to the Democratic Socialists of America, which advocates taking down the capitalist system. That association won’t sit well, once the majority of America gets the news.

Republican strategist Ryan Williams has said: “Republicans are being nice to Bernie Sanders because we like the thought of running against a socialist.” Sanders would not only lose, he would force all Democrats to live with the “socialist” stigma — forever. The party would lose many seats in Congress.

3. Tax rates. With few exceptions, the media has refused to discuss the fact that Bernie Sanders intends to raise taxes sky-high on working people. A worker earning $20K a year will be taxed at a rate higher than the one now imposed on Bill Gates. Sanders supporters can make highly technical arguments as they try to explain that taxes won’t really be so onerous. Bernie will sound like Porky Pig as he tries to explain the intricacies of his math — meanwhile, Republican ads will slaughter him. (Similar ads slaughtered George McGovern, who ran during a much more liberal era.)

4. Revolution. All of Bernie’s promises are predicated on a political revolution that simply will not occur: If Bernie were to win in 2016, does anyone truly believe that red states and purple states would respond by sending a horde of Emma Goldman clones to Capitol Hill? It’s not bloody likely — not in a country where only 24% of the electorate identifies as liberal. Worse, Sanders refuses to support downticket Democrats — in fact, his supporters have deliberately impeded their fundraising efforts!

5. Compromise. Bernie views an inability to compromise as a badge of honor. Polls indicate that the public is weary of gridlock.

6. PACS. Bernie has claimed repeatedly that he does not accept PAC money. In fact, he has — in the past. He even accepted money from HillaryPAC in 2006! One can easily visualize a Republican attack ad which uses this history to paint him as a double-talker.

In fact, Bernie has benefited from millions of dollars spent by conservative PACS.

7. Lack of accomplishment. In all his years on the Hill, Bernie Sanders co-sponsored only three successful bills; two of them bestowed names on post offices. (Bizarrely, he wanted one of those post offices to be named after a member of the anti-Catholic Know-Nothings.) Hilariously, Alternet bestowed this headline on a Bernie puff piece: “Bernie Gets It Done: Sanders’ Record of Pushing Through Major Reforms Will Surprise You.” Who painted this political landscape — Dali? Ernst?

8. Hypocrisy on the Crime Bill. The man has given us too many examples of hypocrisy to list here, but the crime bill may be the most egregious. Bernie Sanders voted for it — as did the Congressional Black Caucus — yet he tried to use this issue against Hillary Clinton. He eventually claimed that he supported the bill only because it contained an assault weapons ban. The truth: He actually voted for an earlier version which did not include that ban. One can easily see how his self-serving deceptions can be used against him in an effective series of television ads.

9. The NRA. The NRA’s funding of Sanders, and his subsequent pro-gun voting record, gives the lie to his claim that he does not do the bidding of well-heeled backers. At the moment, most Democrats do not know this history — but in a general election, his hypocrisy will be placed under the magnifying glass.

10. Iran. During the middle of the Iranian hostage crisis — still a sore memory for many Americans — Bernie publicly proclaimed his solidarity with “revolutionary Iran.” The Ayatollah Khomeini is still a despised figure throughout much of the nation. Can you imagine the effectiveness of an ad featuring one of the hostages?

Many older Americans recall how they shook with rage throughout the hostage crisis; they recall the brisk trade in “Ayatollah = Assahola” t-shirts. If there is video of Bernie Sanders making that proclamation, his approval ratings will plunge into the single digits.

Read the rest here.

It’s rather entertaining to watch the left eat their own, isn’t it?

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