Krauthammer on Obama in Hiroshima: It Was Embarrassing Utopianism, An Implicit Apology that Dishonored Our Nation

Conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer wrote this week about Obama’s failed foreign policy idealism.

krauthammer obama naive

It’s been a tough seven years for the narcissist man-boy wishing away evil in our time. Today he continued down that path in Hiroshima by equating the American efforts in World War II with the Imperial Japanese Army.

Charles Krauthammer ripped Obama after Obama’s latest show of ignorance.


Krauthammer: Obama closed the apology tour today in Hiroshima. And to say it wasn’t a form of apology, of course he wasn’t going to use the word. And yes he did speak in the abstract but he did it in Hiroshima… Look, this is a visit he should have made next year as a private citizen. In which case he could speak like a naive private citizen about escaping the logic of fear… And the president speaking as president, representing the United States, I thought it was embarrassing utopianism and the implicit apology dishonored our nation.

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