Krauthammer on NY Times Hit Piece: If This Is Best They Can Do Get Ready for Trump Inauguration (VIDEO)

trump nyt hit piece

On Sunday The New York Times published a front page hit piece on Donald Trump’s private behavior with women he dated.

On Monday Rowanne Brewer, told FOX and Friends the NY Times’ journalists did not accurately portray her experience with Donald Trump.
Rowanne said, “They spun it.”

Tonight conservative columnist Charles Krauthammer weighed in on the New York Times’ hit piece on Trump.

It looks as if the Times had 50 interviews, spent a lot of money and time, knew they didn’t really have a story, came out with exactly, as Mara describes it, a story that was nuanced, interesting, but there was nothing scandalous. But if this is the best that the Times and the press can do trying to create scandal around Donald Trump, it’s time to plan for the inauguration.

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