POLL: Chinese Prefer Donald Trump Over Hillary (Video)

Donald Trump has thousands of fans in Europe and India — And the New York billionaire even has fans in China.
china trump fans

Trump’s Art of the Deal is found in Chinese book stores translated to Mandarin.

And a recent poll in China found the people would prefer Donald Trump in the White House over Hillary Clinton.


CNN reported:

China is quite possibly Donald Trump’s favorite campaign-trail target.

Earlier this month, the presumptive Republican nominee went as far as describing China’s trade relationship with the U.S. as “rape” and has repeatedly said China is stealing U.S. jobs.

Given talk like that, you might be surprised to find fans of Trump in China. But they exist, in small, but growing numbers.

Gu Yu, a young technology entrepreneur, likes his blunt, no-punches-held approach.

“I think Donald Trump has the guts to say things that normal people in the rest of society fear to say,” said Gu.

He says he is 100% supportive of Trump, and even though he can’t cast a ballot, he says the Americans that can should trust Trump.

“I think political correctness covers up problems instead of solving them,” said Gu.

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