IVANKA TO THE RESCUE=> First Daughter Saves TRUMP from Awful NY Times Hit Piece (VIDEO)

Ivanka Trump went on with Nora O’Donnell Wednesday on CBS This Morning to defend her billionaire father from the salacious attacks by The New York Times in a highly discredited hit piece that ran on their front page on Sunday.

ivanka defends father

The Hillary Clinton campaign released a dishonest attack ad against Trump on Tuesday to coincide with the NY Times hit piece.
Funny how that happens on a regular basis, huh?

Donald Trump threatened to sue The New York Times over the hit piece on Tuesday.


Ivanka was amazing, as usual.
She was calm, poised, intelligent, confident and powerful in her defense of her father, Donald Trump.

Ivanka Trump on NY Times hit piece:

Nora O’Donnell: He’s running against a woman and he has said that he is already using gender to run against her.

Ivanka Trump: Well, is he using gender or is she using gender? I think she’s using gender as well. I’m not going to abvocate for a female leader who I’m voting on solely on the basis of gender. I think a lot of people feel that way.

O’Donnell: You’ve supported Hillary Clinton… Do you think bringing up her husband’s past infidelities in discussion is worthy of a presidential campaign?

Ivanka: You would have to ask my father that. My role isn’t politics. My role is running our business.

CBS News reported:
ivanka defends father

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