Italian News: ISIS Decapitates Christian Priest for Praying at Altar

The Islamic State decapitated Father Boulos Yacoub in Mosul last year
Father Boulos was caught praying at the altar.
priest decapitated
Photo- Agenzia di Stampa

Christians in Pakistan reported, via Religion of Peace:

Terror group Islamic State beheads another Christian this time a priest in the conflict-torn Syria. The Catholic priest Father Yacob Boulos, was severely punished for offering prayers in his church. Media has remained silent over this incident as this incident actually took place on February 18.

There are reliable reports are that Father Yacob Boulos, was beheaded by the terror group’ militants after he prayed on the altar of his church. He was punished for his faith. The Italian newspaper said,” “Boulos Yacoub” was a priest who professava his faith in Syria.”

The Italian newspaper whined over the fact that international media had completely overlooked the plight of these Christians, and this incident went unreported. His crime was only being a man of faith. Condemnation has been heaped on the international leader and community for not paying attention quandary of these Christian priests.

church iraq cross ISIS
ISIS terrorists have removed the crosses from thirty churches in Mosul, Iraq. The Islamist group converted the Syrian Orthodox Cathedral in Mosul into a mosque.

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