Cruz Campaign Crashes in Indiana – Trump Extends Lead to Nearly 500 Delegates

Guest post by Joe Hoft


After tonight’s results Ted Cruz has been all but eliminated from the republican race for president.


Bernie is in a close race and leading Hillary in the Hoosier state.

Trump is now ahead of Ted Cruz by nearly 500 delegates.

Delegate Count 5-3 AP

Trump will easily reach 1,237 delegates after tonight and is on track to win most if not all delegates moving forward.

Delegate Count 5-3 Chart after Ind

Before tonight Real Clear Politics showed Sanders with 17 state victories, including his Rhode Island win last week.  Hillary Clinton has 23 victories. Cruz has only won 12 states and only 4 primaries compared to Donald Trump’s 27 states and 24 primaries (including Indiana). Cruz hasn’t won a primary since Wisconsin a month ago.

To date, the Democratic race between Sanders and Hillary Clinton has been tighter than the Republican race between Cruz and Trump based on wins, delegates and votes. Currently Bernie is leading Hillary in Indiana!

Cruz has said that Donald Trump will not reach the 1,237 delegates needed to win the Republican nomination, but Trump’s huge win negates this notion. With Trump winning the past 7 states and Indiana today, Cruz’s case is very weak and he should consider stepping out of the race.

On the other hand, Sanders has every reason to stay in the race.  Clinton, the Democratic frontrunner, is being investigated by the FBI for an email scandal that took place when she was Secretary of State. The FBI has been at it for some time and this is not good for Clinton or the Democratic Party. Just as Democrats agreed with Cruz’s attacks against Trump, Republicans can appreciate any comments made by Sanders supporters about the Hillary scandal. If Hillary gets indicted at any time before the Democratic convention, she may be toast and Sanders will be there to claim the nomination.

Sanders should stay in the race, Cruz should step out.

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