Hungarian President Viktor Organ: Islam Is Constitutionally Illegal (VIDEO)

Brave Hungarian President Viktor Orban told politicians in late April that Islamisation ins banned by the constitution in Hungary.
At least one European official has not forgotten the several thousand assaults by Islamists on the European continent.

viktor orban

Viktor Orban: The Founding Treaty of the EU clearly declares that the EU is made up of its member states. And the European institutions must serve the cooperation of the member states. Today in practice it is the other way around. One has the impression that the Eu is made up of its institutions and the Member States are being required to assist these… The Hungarian government cannot support any mass migration movements which could lead to results that conflict with the quoted part of the Fundamental Law. Neither the legislature nor the government of the day may pursue such a policy within constitutional boundaries. To put it clearly and unequivocally, Islamisation is banned by the constitution of Hungary.

Via Vlad Tepes:

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