Hope For America=> 60% of Americans Support Capitalism – 35% Support Socialism

After seven years of Obamanomics 60% of Americans support capitalism over big government socialism.
Unfortunately, 35 percent still support Bernie Sanders style Socialism.
commies america

No wonder Hillary is having such a difficult time winning the nomination.
A majority of the Democrat Party today are socialists.

CNS News reported:

In 2016, a majority of Americans (60% ) have a positive image of capitalism, while only 35 percent have a positive image of socialism, a recent Gallup poll shows.

According to Gallup, “Americans’ image of socialism is no better now than it was six years ago.” Indeed, it is slightly worse. Back in 2010, a greater percentage (36% ) of Americans had a positive view of socialism than do today (35% ), and in 2012, 39 percent of Americans had a positive view of socialism, denoting a four percent drop between then and now.

Meanwhile, capitalism saw only a marginal drop over the same six year period. The 60 percent who have a positive view of capitalism in 2016 is only one percent lower than in both 2010 and 2012, when 61 percent of Americans had a positive image of capitalism.

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