Hillary Clinton Dodges Trump Accusations of Her Husband Bill Clinton Committing ‘Rape’

bill clinton rape trump

On Tuesday night Donald Trump accused Bill Clinton of rape.
The accusations are well documented but have never been discussed by the liberal media.

Here’s the clip from Hannity—–

Drudge reported:
Trump turns up the heat on the Clintons tonight when he raises the specter of ‘RAPE’ when describing Bill Clinton’s past history with women. The bombshell is dropped on FOXNEWS ‘HANNITY’ during an hour-long interview, set to air at 10 PM ET…


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Still More…. Flashback: Hillary Clinton Threatened Bill’s Accusers in 1998

On Thursday Hillary Clinton dodged the accusations–

Via People:

Hillary Clinton responded Thursday to Donald Trump’s Wednesday comments about a decades-old, unproven accusation of sexual assault by Bill Clinton.

“I am not afraid of Donald Trump. He can attack me as much as he wants – I know I can take it. But we won’t let his attacks against Americans based on their ethnicity, their gender or the faith they practice go unanswered,” Hillary wrote Thursday in a fundraising email titled, “Are you with me, against Trump?”

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