Hillary Clinton Allies Are Outraged That Bernie WON’T DROP OUT OF THE RACE

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Bernie Sanders wasn’t supposed to do as well as he has and members of Hillary’s inner circle are starting to panic.

They’re also angry that he won’t drop out and just let Hillary have the nomination.

The Hill reports:


Clinton allies fume over Sanders’s vow to fight on

Hillary Clinton’s allies are fuming over Bernie Sanders’s vow to take the presidential nominating contest to a floor fight at the Democratic convention this summer.

Many Democrats believe Clinton effectively clinched the nomination after a string of victories across the Northeast and mid-Atlantic gave her what looks to be an insurmountable lead in delegates.

But rather than rein in his efforts, Sanders has declared that he’s playing to win, even if he’s trailing badly in delegates after the last votes are cast in the final primary contests next month.

The Vermont senator says he plans to campaign and lobby superdelegates to support him over Clinton all the way through the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia this July.

Some Clinton supporters, believing the nomination is at this point only a formality, are frustrated by Sanders’s threat to drag things out.

“At this late stage in the primary, he should stop trying to rile up his people and start to bring everyone together,” said one longtime Clinton ally. “That’s what Hillary did for Obama. He needs to set an example and start bringing his people over if he cares about defeating [Donald] Trump in the general election.”

Won’t it be hilarious if it’s the Democrats who end up having a contested convention?


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