Group Think Much? Reporters Use Similar Wording to Chide Trump for Teleprompter Remark

Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump spoke at a campaign rally in Billings, Montana, Thursday evening during which he mentioned how he speaks without using a Teleprompter. Trump held up a yellow Sticky Note to illustrate his point.

Reporters covering the Trump campaign instantly criticized Trump for the statement using similar language. Trump had used a Teleprompter earlier in the day for a policy speech on energy in Bismarck, North Dakota. That speech marked the fourth time Trump had used a Teleprompter out of dozens upon dozens of campaign appearances. An exception was local reporters who reported without snark:

Michael Kordenbrock, The Billings Gazette:

“Refers to “very successful friend” who asked how he does it without TelePrompTer. Says he speaks from the heart #Trump@T”

Kaitlin Bane, ABC Fox Montana

“#Trump: don’t you like it when someone doesn’t use a TelePrompter (holds up sticky note)”

Trump Teleprompter Bismarck Twitter
Image of Donald Trump using Teleprompter in Bismarck, ND, via Twitter.

The AP’s Jill Colvin:

“”Don’t you like it when somebody doesn’t use a teleprompter,” says Trump, who JUST delivered a speech using a teleprompter at his last event”

The Washington Post’s Jenna Johnson:

“”Don’t you like it when somebody doesn’t use a teleprompter?” says Donald Trump, who used a teleprompter just a few hours ago.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Reid J. Epstein:

“”Don’t you like it when somebody doesn’t use a teleprompter.” said Donald Trump, four hours after delivering a speech using a teleprompter.”

CBS News’ Sopan Deb:

“Trump to Montana crowd: “Don’t you like when somebody doesn’t use a teleprompter?” (Trump used one earlier in the day for energy speech.)”

CNN’s Ashley Killough:

“”Don’t you like it when someone doesn’t use a teleprompter?” – Trump in MT, who used a teleprompter earlier today.”

Trump previously used a Teleprompter for speeches to AIPAC on March 21 , the National Interest on April 27 and the NRA on May 20.

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