Great News: Hillary Wants To Replicate Iran Deal WITH NORTH KOREA

Hillary and Kim Jong Un

Obama’s Iran Deal is a nightmare which was passed partly through lies the administration told to congress and the media so naturally, Hillary Clinton thinks it’s great.

She also wants to use it as a blueprint for dealing with North Korea.

Bloomberg reports:


Clinton Plans to Use the Iran Playbook on North Korea

One of Hillary Clinton’s top priorities as president would be to use sanctions to pressure North Korea to negotiate limits on its nuclear program, according to Clinton’s top foreign policy adviser. The strategy would mimic the Obama administration’s approach to Iran.

Jake Sullivan, the head of the Clinton campaign’s foreign policy advisory team, was one of two officials who began secret negotiations with Iran in 2012 that eventually resulted in the nuclear agreement that Iran struck last summer with six world powers. He told an audience Monday evening at the Asia Society in New York that Clinton is planning a similar strategy to deal with North Korea’s nuclear program.

“This is a paramount security challenge of the United States. It will have to be right at the top of the agenda for the next president to deal with,” he said. “It’s hard for me to underscore how important it is that we place urgency behind this.”

The only way to get North Korea to negotiate in good faith about its nuclear program, he said, will be to drastically increase pressure on the already heavily sanctioned regime. The international sanctions imposed on Iran before negotiations provide a rough model.

We need a total change of the guard in Washington, DC.


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