Glenn Beck Rips ‘Sell Out’ Marco Rubio Over Trump Support: “You Have No Credibility with Me Anymore”

Glenn Beck ripped Marco Rubio this weekend for endorsing Donald Trump and lying to the American public.

Beck called Marco a ‘sell out’ for announcing he would speak on Trump’s behalf at the convention and on the campaign trail.
beck rubio

Beck is hoping Trump will lose in November and Hillary will become the next president… just to prove a point.
Glenn Beck reported:

Rubio has “newfound respect” for the man he called a “con artist,” “liar” and a “danger to the republic.”

He now says he is going to speak on DJT’s behalf at the convention and campaign trail.

The only thing he didn’t say was “I am also better than any other VPs at attending funerals.”

We each have to make up our own mind and what to do and how we are going to handle this, but am I alone on the feeling of sell-out?

Purely the case of selling out who you are and what you believe. Can you have any credibility when you said one thing on the campaign trail and then the opposite after? Were you lying to us then or now Marco? I cannot reconcile what you said then with what you are saying now.

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