Glenn Beck: Carly Fiorina “Biggest Patriot in America” Was on a “Suicide Mission” for Cruz (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck spent fame and fortune supporting his friend Ted Cruz in his campaign for president.
Beck reportedly blew half a million campaigning for Cruz.
beck cruz

Today on his radio show Glenn Beck shared his thoughts after Ted Cruz left the race.

Beck called Carly Fiorina “the biggest patriot in America” because she because she knew that serving as Cruz’s running mate “was a suicide mission.”

Then Carly walked in. I will tell you, Carly Fiorina is one of the most impressive people I have ever met. She walked in and you know me I am a hugger and sometimes I can be an awkward hugger. So I hugged her and I let go and she hugged me harder. And she just said, “Thank you. Thank you for standing true to your principles.”… And I said Carly you are probably the biggest patriot in America. She said, “How do you figure that?” And, I said, “Because you knew last week. You knew last week this was a suicide mission.”

Via Right Wing Watch:

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