Did Conservatives Really Talk about Assassinating Donald Trump on Live Radio? (Updated)


I really like Brad Thor but this is seriously awful.
Author Brad Thor and Glenn Beck discussed a “patriot” take out Donald Trump because he might abuse the office of the presidency.
Where has Brad been these last 7 years?

thor beck

Brad Thor went on with Glenn Beck today.


** Danger and play has the audio and transcript.

It’s clear Brad called for Trump’s assassination.

Brad has spoken out against Barack Obama but never threatened to kill him.

UPDATE—- I head from my friend Brad Thor today and am including his comments.

I am so sad that this election has destroyed so many friendships. I wish Andrew Breitbart was still around – for all of our sakes (both Pro Trump and Anti Trump). … If you listen to my interview with Glenn, you will see we are talking about a hypothetical dictatorship situation where a president suspends the constitution and Congress does nothing. To say Glenn and I discussed a patriot take out Donald Trump because “he might abuse” the office of the presidency – is flat out false. That was simply never said. Other than all the crazy politics going on, I hope you are well.

For the record, Brad Thor is a class act.

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