Free Republic Founder: #NeverTrumperism Is a Losing Proposition – Will No Longer Be Tolerated


Jim Robinson, the founder of popular conservative internet discussion board Free Republic that was founded in 1997, threw his support behind Donald Trump for president on Thursday.

Donald Trump won the Republican party nomination last week after his blowout win in Indiana.

jim robinson
Jim Robinson, founder of Free Republic

Free Republic was a bitter battle ground for pro-Trump and pro-Cruz supporters this year.

Jim posted this earlier today:

NeverTumperism is a losing proposition. Keep the communist bitch out by supporting Trump!

Posted on 5/12/2016, 2:53:58 PM by Jim Robinson

Your vote. Use it or lose it.

It’s not clear if he was talking about Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders in his post?

Jim Robinson also announced #NeverTrump recruiting and anti-Trump activities would no longer be tolerated at Free Republic.

Our overriding conservative mission on Free Republic is to defend God, family, country!

Posted on 5/11/2016, 3:10:59 PM by Jim Robinson

Our overriding mission on Free Republic is to preserve, protect and defend (conserve) God, family, country–and all that that entails (refer to the Declaration, Constitution, and our Judeo-Christian American heritage for details).

Our most immediate task we must undertake at this time is keep corrupt, godless, treasonous, America-hating communists like Hillary Clinton out of power.

Our very survival as a free nation depends upon it.

That means FR is going all in to defeat Hillary/Bernie, et al, by supporting our America-first nominee Donald Trump to the hilt.

Very sorry if your favorite candidate did not win the nomination and sorry if you cannot understand or agree with our mission, but those who can’t live with our immediate goal need to either keep it to themselves or sit it out (from FR) for the duration. Anti-Trump activities and NeverTrump trolling and recruiting efforts are not appreciated and are unwelcome on FR.

The time for fighting about who may be best on our side for the job is over. It’s now time to consolidate and concentrate our firepower against our common enemy.

Our intent is to do whatever it takes to defeat the commies in November and if you do not wish to be part of this effort, please sign off now. You can always let me know by email if you wish to rejoin us.

Thank you very much.

Thank God, there are still patriots like Jim Robinson that put country before hurt feelings and pettiness.

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