FOX News Host Laughs Out Loud at Cruz Heckler: “He Had Great Timing… He Was Hitting Him Over the Head… It Was Perfect!”

cruz lying ted

FOX News host Charles Payne was impressed with the Trump supporter and street heckler who ate Ted Cruz’s lunch earlier today in Indiana.
payne cruz heckler

Payne laughed out loud at the Cruz heckler:

Charles Payne:By the way, the guy who was heckling him had great timing. Hah-hah-hah… He really did, didn’t he? Every time Cruz paused he threw something in there. He was hitting him over the head. It was perfect. It was almost as if, if you didn’t know better, Cruz had walked into a trap.”

That pretty much summed it up.
Cruz got whacked.

Via Cavuto:

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