Former Miss USA Contestant Carrie Prejean Boller Blasts NYT on Dishonest Trump Hit Piece (VIDEO)

carrie prejean boller hannity

Carrie Prejean Boller went on Hannity Tuesday night to tell her side of the story in The New York Times hit piece on Donald Trump. Carrie said she was contacted by the Times for the story but she refused to be interviewed saying she had nothing bad to say about Mr. Trump.

The New York Times ended up taking an excerpt from her book, and portrayed it in a negative way to make trump look bad. Prejean Boller said they cherry-picked the quote and deleted the two sentences following the quote where she praised Donald Trump.

Carrie told Sean the New York Times was dishonest, and said they should stop.

Hannity asked her would she vote for trump, and she said she supported him and would be voting Trump – to “Make America Great Again!”

Via Hannity:

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