Donald Trump Responds to #NeverTrumpers at West Virginia Rally (VIDEO)

Donald Trump held his first major rally since securing the Republican presidential nomination on Tuesday.
Trump announced they handed out 32,000 tickets but the arena only holds 15,000!
It was another packed rally!
trump hard hat
The West Virginia Coal Association Union endorsed Donald Trump Thursday at the Charleston rally!

Donald Trump responded to the #NeverTrumpers during his West Virginia rally.

Never Trump. You know why it’s #NeverTrump? Because I’m going to stop the gravy train for all of these consultants and all of there people. That are ripping off our country for the gravy train. So, Never Trump. By the way, a lot of these Never Trumpers are calling up and saying, “Mr. Trump, I admire you greatly, sir. We’d love to join the campaign.” I said, “Didn’t you do a horrible at about me a couple weeks ago? Weren’t you on a show where you said horrible things?” I said, “How do you pivot from that to saying I’m a wonderful person?” He said, “No problem, sir.” You know why? Politicians, they can do that.

This was great!
Via Right Side Broadcasting:

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