Donald Trump on FOX News Sunday: “It’s Over… Cruz Cannot Win. He’s Got No Highway” (VIDEO)

trump fox sunday

Donald Trump defended his viability in a national race against Hillary Clinton.

I’ve been hit with 55,000 negative ads and I’m still standing… I’m doing well in Indiana. And one more thing, two new polls have me tied with Hillary and one has me winning.

Trump then lashed out at Cruz for his recent smears and lies.

Donald Trump: This guy is a real liar. That’s why we call him lying Ted Cruz. He could be the greatest liar that ever lived except he gets caught every time. Look I have Bobby Knight’s endorsement… By the way, if you really take a look at Mike Pence I think he gave me more of an endorsement than he did Cruz. He started off with Donald Trump and what a great job he’s done. Loook his donors and special interests obviously made him give an endorsement but you know Chris because you covered it. More people think it was a better endorsement of me than it was for Cruz.

Chris Wallace: Final question, if you win Indiana on Tuesday is it over?

Donald Trump: Yes, it’s over. I think it’s over now. Cruz cannot win. He’s got no highway. He’s got nothing. He’s way behind. I’m leading him by millions and millions of votes and I’m leading him by four or five hundred delegates. He can’t win.

Via FOX News Sunday:

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