Donald Trump Doubles Down on Muslim Ban After Winning GOP Nomination

Donald Trump told Morning Joe this week that he will not back down on his plan to ban Muslims from the United States until there are assurances that no Islamists are coming into the country.

Trump’s Muslim position is VERY POPULAR with Republican and common sense voters–

The Daily Mail reported:

Generally, in politics, the nominee will shed off some of his positions that are more in line with the party’s base in order to be palatable to the general public.

But on the Muslim ban, which is likely Trump’s most controversial position, he’s not budging.

‘I don’t care if it hurts me,’ he told hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski. ‘I’m doing the right thing.’

‘I’ve been guided by common sense, by what’s right,’ he continued.

‘We have to be careful. We’re allowing thousands of people to come into our country,’ he said. ‘Thousands and thousands of people being placed all over the country that, frankly, nobody knows who they are.’

‘We don’t know what we’re doing,’ he added.

66% of likely Republican voters approve of the ban.

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