Corey Lewandowski to Head Up Trump VP Search …(#NeverTrump Heads Explode)

Donald Trump Campaign Manager Corey Lewandowski, who was falsely accused of assault and battery by attention-seeking hoaxer Michelle Fields in March, will head up Donald Trump’s VP search.
trump corey

Michelle Fields was caught in several lies during her fifteen minutes of fame.
Unfortunately, sixteen gullible #NeverTrump pundits believed her and ruined their reputations in the process.

The Hill Reported:


Donald Trump’s controversial campaign manager will helm the presumptive GOP nominee’s running mate search, the Washington Post reported Tuesday.

Corey Lewandowski will lead the campaign’s vetting of prospective vice presidential candidates, a process the Post says will “ramp up” shortly.

Ben Carson, who ended his own presidential bid earlier this year, has confirmed previously that he will be on the search committee as well.

Carson has so far muddied the waters in interviews about what Trump is looking for in a running mate. He previously told The Wall Street Journal that Trump could consider a Democrat, before Trump ruled out that prospect the next day.

Trump has already laid out some boxes he hopes to check with his running mate. He’s told the media he wants a candidate with experience governing, which would help balance out the fact that he’s never held elected office.

Queue the gasps — The #NeverTrumpers will no-doubt lose it over this latest Corey news.

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