Flashback: Rove Predicts Rubio, Walker, Jeb Bush Will Win Nomination …Update: Trump at 56%

It wasn’t that long ago that Karl Rove argued that Rubio, Walker and Jeb Bush were the top tier candidates, and that, “The nominee will likely be one of these three.”

I do think there are sort of three tiers of candidates. There are three candidates – Walker, Rubio, Bush… Bush, Rubio, Walker. That’s the top tier. We’re likely to see the nominee come out of that group… Then we got sort of the third tier. People who are unlikely to break through. They’re good people some of them but they are unlikely to break through. Or in the case of Donald Trump, they’re complete idiots.

Hmm. Who’s the idiot now, Karl?

Today Rove’s top tier candidates are gone.
And Donald Trump is looking to wrap up the nomination tonight in Indiana.


And there’s this…
Donald Trump is above 50% nationally.

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