CAUGHT ON VIDEO=> VIOLENT Anti-Trump Mob Pelts Trump Supporters with Eggs

Anti-Trump leftists staged another violent protest Friday, this time in San Diego outside Donald Trump’s rally.
HUNDREDS of protesters turned out for the demonstration.

One protester was carrying a “Make America Mexico Again” sign.

Filmmakers Andrew Marcus and Jeremy Segal filmed the protests.

At one point several protesters were seen grabbing raw eggs from a tray and pelting them at Trump supporters standing in line.
egg toss trump 2
When asked why he was throwing eggs at the Trump supporters this violent thug said, “Because I want to nigga.”

trump egg toss
This thug – with an egg – said he wasn’t throwing eggs at anyone.

This is the type of violence and abuse conservatives put up with every time they try to assemble.
And, once again, the lying, dishonest media hacks never report on it.

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