Bummer. Kristol’s “Renegade Party” Misses First Goal of 3000 Twitter Followers in 24 Hours

The Republican elites were very upset the voters chose Donald Trump in record numbers this week.

The voters want Trump.
The elites don’t.

On Tuesday Kristol’s Renegade Party Twitter account was launched.
renegade party


Only around 2,700 people followed the “party” in the first 18 hours.

That’s when the party founders tweeted out a plea to “true conservatives” to “help us get to 3,000 followers in our first 24 hours.”

Sadly, the group of #NeverTrumpers did not reach their goal.

After 24 hours the Renegade Party could only muster around 2,800 followers.
They reached 3,000 followers sometime late this afternoon.
It’s a movement.

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