BREAKING=> Trump Camp Complains of Voting Machine Irregularities in Indiana

A reader sent this in this afternoon from Indiana.
The Trump campaign sent out a text message to Trump voters warning about irregularities in Indiana voting machines.
trump reports indiana

From a TGP Indiana reader:

I received this text message from the Trump camp from #88022 @ 3:57pm:

“Reports are coming in of voting machines not showing TRUMP as the choice when chosen. WATCH carefully, make sure your vote counts. Report issue: 317-689-1100”

I’m in South Bend, Indiana. brisk voting. most of my friends went Trump. Also, Trump’s rally, the news said 7,800 were in attendance. Carl Cameron on FOX News yesterday lied and said 1,200. There’s been no political rally like that ever in this town before, maybe Bobby Kennedy. Sanders had 4,000, Cruz had only 500, all in same venue.

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