BREAKING=> Trump in Statistical Dead Heat with Hillary in Ohio, Cruz Down 9 Points

Republican front-runner Donald Trump is in a statistical dead heat with “Crooked” Hillary Clinton in Ohio.
After surviving over 55,000 negative ads during the GOP primary Trump trails Hillary by just 3%.
The margin of error is +/-3.2%.

Ted Cruz is down 9 points.

And 49% think Governor John Kasich should drop out.

Ted Cruz continues to lose supporter in Ohio.
62% of Ohio voters have a negative view of the Texas senator.
Via Public Policy Polling:

Ohio continues the recent trend we’ve found in our polling of Ted Cruz polling even worse for the general election than Donald Trump. Trump certainly is unpopular- only 35% of voters see him favorably to 57% with an unfavorable opinion, and he trails Hillary Clinton 45/42 and Bernie Sanders 45/41 in the state. But Cruz is far worse off- just 21% of voters have a positive opinion of him to 62% with a negative one and he trails Clinton and Sanders each by 9 points at 44/35. Kasich still leads Clinton (43/41) and Sanders (47/37) in Ohio but those margins are well down from the 15 point lead he had on Clinton at 52/37 and the 20 point lead he had on Sanders at 54/34 in early March.

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