BREAKING POLL: Trump and Crooked Hillary Neck-and-Neck in Swing State New Hampshire

A new poll released to WBUR found Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton in a virtual tie in swing state New Hampshire.
trump hillary

Trump won the GOP New Hampshire primary with 35% of the vote against at least eight opponents.

WBUR reported:


If the presidential election were held today between the apparent Republican nominee, Donald Trump, and the Democratic front-runner, Hillary Clinton, the outcome would be very close. That’s according to a new WBUR poll (topline, crosstabs) of likely New Hampshire voters.

According to the survey, Clinton leads Trump 44 percent to 42 percent among likely Granite State voters, with about 7 percent still undecided.

The new WBUR poll is consistent with several recent surveys from around the country that suggest the general election race would be competitive.

The reason this race is so close is that both Clinton and Trump are exceptionally unpopular across New Hampshire.

“Very few people like either of them by comparison to other presidential candidates,” said Steve Koczela, president of the MassINC Polling Group, which conducted the WBUR survey.

It found that just 35 percent of New Hampshire voters have a positive view of Clinton; only 33 percent feel that way about Trump.

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