Breaking: TRUMP Lashes Out at GOP over Spoiler Threats by Bill Kristol

bill kristol
Bill Kristol and the GOP elites are still hurting.

A week ago #NeverTrumper Bill Kristol went on Newsmax TV and announced he was naming his anti-Trump protest party the Renegade Party.

Republican elites want a candidate that is pro-amnesty, pro-Trans Pacific Trade agreement candidate – a principled conservative like John McCain(?)

The voters want Trump.
The elites don’t.

Last week Kristol’s Renegade Party Twitter account was launched.
renegade party

Only 4,600 people are following the renegades in over a week.
It’s a movement.

On Sunday Bill Kristol announced there would be an independent candidate to take on Donald Trump in the fall election.

Donald Trump responded to the threats tonight on Twitter.

Trump also called out the Republican party.

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