Bowe Bergdahls’ Former Platoon-Mates Endorse TRUMP – Then Drop a Bomb on Hillary (VIDEO)

Deserter Bowe Bergdahl’s platoon leader, former Sgt. Evan Buetow, and roommate, Cody Full, went on Hannity Monday to endorse Donald Trump for president.

Both men said everyone knew Bergdahl was a deserter from the beginning.

hannity bergdahl trump

Evan Buetow told Sean two soldiers from his company died searching for Bowe Bergdahl when he walked off his station in Afghanistan. Buetow endorsed Donald Trump tonight.


Cody Full dropped this bomb at the end of the interview:

The reason I’m voting for Donald Trump is because Hillary Clinton came out and told the mothers and widows of the Benghazi victims that their sons were killed over a video. Well, when those same mothers and widows came out and said that’s what Hillary told them, she proceeded to call them a liar. If a person is willing to call a Gold Star Mother or Widow a liar, there is NO LIE she will not tell the American public.

That was the VERY BEST Line of the campaign so far this year!

Via Hannity:

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