Bernie Sanders Vows To Stay In Race And That’s A BIG PROBLEM FOR HILLARY CLINTON

Bernie and Hillary

After Trump’s big win in Indiana on Tuesday, Ted Cruz dropped out making Trump the presumptive Republican nominee.

On the Democrat side, Bernie Sanders beat Hillary Clinton in Indiana and he’s vowing to fight on.

The Associated Press reported:

Sanders: Clinton team thinks race ‘is over. They’re wrong’

Bernie Sanders said Tuesday that his primary bid against Hillary Clinton was far from over, pointing to his victory in Indiana and strength in upcoming races as a sign of his durability in the presidential campaign.

“I know that the Clinton campaign thinks this campaign is over. They’re wrong,” Sanders said in a telephone interview with The Associated Press from New Albany, Indiana. “Maybe it’s over for the insiders and the party establishment but the voters today in Indiana had a different idea.”

Sanders spoke to the AP after he defeated Clinton in Indiana’s primary, predicting that he would achieve “more victories in the weeks to come” in West Virginia, Kentucky, Oregon and California. The Vermont senator acknowledged that he faced an “uphill climb” to the Democratic nomination but said he was “in this campaign to win and we are going to fight until the last vote is cast.”

Sanders’ win in Indiana likely won’t make much of a dent in Clinton’s lead of more than 300 pledged delegates. Clinton is still more than 90 percent of the way to clinching the Democratic nomination when the count includes superdelegates, the elected officials and party leaders who are free to support the candidate of their choice.

This is a huge problem for Hillary Clinton.

While Trump can now pivot to the general election, she can’t. She will now have to fend off attacks from Trump and Sanders at the same time.

She also might be facing a contested convention which would be very funny considering the fact that the left and the media has been saying that about the GOP for months.

This is a disaster for Hillary.

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