AWFUL! #NeverTrumper Steve Hayes LOSES IT! Calls Trump ‘Orange Guy’, Snaps at FOX Panelist (VIDEO)

Why is this guy still on FOX News?

He’s been wrong on EVERY prediction ALL YEAR!
And, he’s not just been way off on the Republican primary election, he’s been angry and whiny like a spoiled brat.

Tuesday on Special Report Stephen Hayes WENT OFF on conservative Tucker Carlson after Carlson warned Republican elites about ignoring the Trump voters.


Tonight Hayes argued with Tucker Carlson before calling Donald Trump the “Orange Guy.”
And, he’s the “intellectual” they turn to for commentary?

hayes orange guy trump

Steve Hayes: If you have principles, if you believe that… we shouldn’t ban a religion. Ban a religion! Don’t ban a religion? In a country founded on freedom of religion it’s not a good idea to ban a religion? Even with asterisks? Republicans can’t just cast aside their principles. Free trade because Donald Trump comes around and this ‘orange guy’ suggests free trade is bad we’re going to throw away 300 years of Adam Smith?

Wow. This guy needs to take some time off.

Via Special Report:

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