WOW! Watch Idiot Fast Food Worker Defend $15 an Hour Minimum Wage (VIDEO)

Naquasia Legrand, a leader of the $15 minimum wage movement, went on with Neil Cavuto today to defend the outrageous $15 minimum wage.

Naquasia insists she deserves $15 an hour.

naquasia legrand

Neil Cavuto: This is too much, too fast. A lot of people are going to lose their job. You say what?

Naquasia Legrand: No, I say this is great that this is happening fast. People are losing their jobs now as we speak. Whether we fight or not people are already losing their job, losing their homes. This is a way that us standing in solidarity, standing together, this is a way to keep us together and have job security. So by this movement rapidly the way it is is definitely great for all low wage workers around this country.

Makes perfect sense, huh?
And you wonder why Naquasia is making minimum wage?


California Governor Jerry Brown signed the $15 minimum wage into law last week.

She wants to punish corporations who are making “billions of dollars off of our backs.” She says everyone in this country supports this movement.

What a dunce.

Laquasia was wearing an “I Can’t Breathe” sweatshirt.

Watch this idiot defend this suicidal movement to pay minimum wage workers $15 an hour.

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